Isthmus Capital Solutions

Isthmus Capital Solutions is an insurance services firm focused on providing a holistic value to the stakeholders in the field of life insurance premium finance. It is our mission to partner with our clients to bridge needs with solutions so our clients can successfully navigate the complex world of leveraged insurance transactions within the context of estate planning and corporate retention and succession strategies. Based on our deep understanding of strategic financial planning, insurance products and the banking industry, we are uniquely placed to smoothly navigate what others oftentimes experience as rough waters…

Our in-depth knowledge of each lender’s preferences, loan terms, attitudes, processes and lending capacity for domestic loans as well as loans for foreign nationals with a U.S. situs ensures maximum efficiency in structuring and closing life insurance premium finance transactions.

Typical lender terms available across a spectrum of lenders:

  • Loan tenure available 3-year, 5-year, 10-year and in unique situations, 20 years+
  • Some lenders may require personal guarantee
  • Capitalization of a portion or all of the interest due
  • Fixed and floating interest rate strategies
  • Ability to finance policies for Foreign Nationals

Note: The terms represent a composite of terms available in the market, no single lender offers all terms above at time of this publish

The Isthmus Capital Expertise

Our staff includes financial advisors who work within the sophisticated, high-net-worth marketplace, advising people with a significant net worth on matters of wealth preservation, wealth transfer and philanthropic gifting.

The Isthmus Capital Approach to Life Insurance Premium Finance

Life insurance premium financing enables an individual to purchase life insurance through the financing of the life insurance premiums. The owner of the life insurance policy borrows a portion or all the funds necessary to fund the premium payments due on the policy.

This technique maybe employed by a client who needs additional life insurance but for whom the premium payments may not comport with their financial plans or objectives, either because of the illiquidity of assets or a general reticence to tie up capital that could be used for other financial purposes. Regardless of an individual’s reasons, premium financing offers that same individual or company the opportunity to meet his or her life insurance needs without significantly impacting present investment planning or cash flow.

A client contemplating a premium financing arrangement should first evaluate the need for (additional) life insurance. The client should also meet with his or her advisors to determine whether financing a policy with a premium finance arrangement would be appropriate for his or her specific purposes.

PLEASE CONTACT for additional information or to request a quote regarding a specific transaction.